Hair Doctor Story

Patented rotating teeth stop hair loss & breakage improving lives~

Inventor Ron Owen of Steven Plastics noticed that his daughter Sara would flinch and cry out each time her mother was combing her thick hair.  After close observation, he noticed how hair strands would frequently wrap around the comb pin causing hair strands to pull, stretch and break.  

 An inventor by trade, he set out to design a spine that would hold each pin separately to prevent hair from pulling and breaking.  After many proto-types, he successfully designed a honeycomb spine which allowed each pin to rotate 360 degrees, independently of the other pins, significantly reducing the pulling force that causes hair to stretch and break… especially when wet!                                                    

 Scientific reason: Hydrogen bonds in the hair are broken when wet and reformed when dry. Rotating teeth move and glide preventing hair from clinging to the pins preventing hair from pulling stretching and breaking.

 Hair Doctor Combs improve lives, helps people look good and feel great!  

                                                      Made in USA